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Television Dream Manual


[Context: This text is a rearrangement of the words and clauses in a widescreen televion’s user manual]

Electrical appliances equipped with cable networks, satellite channels, etc. A liquid crystal wide screen unit which is dripping with water. Operational equipment flickering during lightning storms. All available apparatus could result in electric shock, and should never be left idle without a protective cover. Your qualified serviceman is compliant. He is used to the environment. Powercord Plasma is intended for use in Natural conditions only. Your dealer will know from experience the most suitable type for your preference. CAUTION: This is Class 1 apparatus. Never use a bad-quality model. Should you wish to use the set in conjunction with other equipment, such as TV games or a video camera, it is recommended that these be connected via a make-shift stand or a loft, making sure that the fixings are properly tightened in a forced position. If this is not the case, you need to activate the digital interface before the red light disappears. Important: Please inform yourself about the consequences for the environment and human health. Too many equipment. Normal household waste at the bottom of a CANAL. We strongly recommend that you do not expose yourself to naked flame sources. Never cover on a solid stable surface. Act according to your local rules. Authorities will Standby to prevent potential negative consequences. They are subject to change without notice. Direct sunlight, heat: excessively hot and humid atmospheres in a domestic environment.

Note: you must enter the Virtual setting. While you are in the Theatre, make sure you have a Soft Voice. Emphasize low tones over high tones. This gives the impression of a surround sound effect. Emphasize bass and treble. These adjustments allow you to control the VOLUME. Repeat these steps until you have a zero volume level. This is the only function that can be changed. All other settings are pre-set. The PROGRAM cannot be changed. There will be no sound from the receiver. Except for Music, all sound is muted. Try increasing volume. Aim directly at the speakers. After the Movie is completed, you need to return to a natural environment.

Description of the Picture: The intensity of the color changes while watching. Luminance increases and decreases. This is not to be confused with brightness. If you know the difference between the light and dark tones, you will see for the first time a color. Characters cycle and dash repeatedly through the display. The rendering is bluer and redder. A vision of some other country or region. The adjustments alternate between black and white, cool and warm, to improve details in the picture. A bright picture in full chrominance, characteristic of Aerial blue. For a few seconds, the picture is brilliant and sharp. You can give a name to the color. The red and green may Expand in width and depth. They will Enlarge and Surround you. Colored areas are combined to provide only one highlighted image.
Description of the Sound: Sudden increases in sound, especially in POWER and definition. Speakers will adjust the sound from 120 to 480 KHz. Sound interference is used to compensate any volume differences between the different recording standards. An Equalizer balances the sound level on the left and right.

If the reception is not satisfactory, do the following to bring you back to your preferred place: Change your Positioning from Horizontal to Vertical. Move horizontally from left to right and vice-versa, then vertically from top to bottom and vice-versa. When you switch, leave a space of at least 5 cm all around your EXT sockets for your personal ventilation, making sure that curtains, cupboards etc. cannot obstruct the air flow through your apertures. You can use a hairdryer, a vacuum cleaner: any household appliances will do. For the best results, choose a position where light does not fall directly on the legs, and at some distance away from radiators or other sources of heat.

The equipment is available. Each program number you wish can be consulted like a newspaper. Your monitor can be used to function as an earthing connection, as a fixed point of noise reduction. The screen allows you to enjoy programs Daily. They are being moulded at the factory and have an approval mark.
Below is a list of symptoms you may encounter after consumption: Intermittent or flickering pleasure. Repeated connection and disconnection of sensation. Color becomes faint. Flat affect. General lack of Balance. Legs fixed with woodscrews. Little red dots like lighted candles may appear in your peripheral vision. Occasional appearance of blue, green, and black spots on your back. This symptom is not a problem. Successive use may cause overloading. Occasionally, non-active users turn blue. You cannot sleep.

Possible Causes include: A faulty power supply. An inferior Multimedia set-up. Wrong placement of batteries. What should you do? You should make these simple checks: Is your source properly connected? Have you chosen the right system? Have you selected the wrong language? For one reason or another you do not understand the language. Viewers with hearing problems are not familiar with the transmission language. They do not respond to bilingual programs. The subtitles are often inadequate. Please note that this is not a defect of the television set. The system offers IMPORTANT Features that will improve the quality of your personal health. If Control is lost, make contact with your retailer immediately in order to provide your desired results. If your dealer cannot help, ask at a main Post Office for the booklet “How to Improve Your Condition”. If there is still no progress, wait for 9 seconds. Do not use acetone, toulene or alcohol: This is likely to result in a poor, perhaps unstable reception.

Should it become necessary, replace the mains fuse with a fuse of different value. Refit the cover to accommodate an optimal picture quality. Once set, the projector will return to a standard format, showing a transmission packed with average signals. The channel does not broadcast, and the concealed information will be displayed and the screen prompts you to stop. A noisy picture will appear on the screen. Remove fuse cover and fuse. The front panel red light is off. What is left is a weak transmission, spoilt by interference. Ghost images, snowish noise and lack of contrast. Proceed to exit your living room. You can now Sleep, and the screen lights up.